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Hello, Happy New Year, and welcome back to the Domain Investing Substack! Last year I made some updates to the format of this Substack to include three articles that caught my eye from the last week along with non-com sales that I thought were worth mentioning. It seems pretty clear to me that people liked these additions as I had more people open this Substack multiple times than ever before.

I have some more exciting plans for this Substack in 2021 and I’m looking forward to continuing to introduce new features that will hopefully make this even more valuable for all of you moving forward. On that note, I do have a little surprise to kick things off, a little gift for one lucky Substack reader.

You might remember I made a limited edition #domainer shirt that I gave away to blog readers a few years ago. I like doing little things like this, and think having something that’s made in a small batch and that nobody else (or almost nobody else) has is a great way to reward the people who have been reading my blog or this Substack.

On that note, I have just finished creating a very limited edition #domainer mask. Only 12 of these are being made and I’m going to give one out to a lucky Substack reader and one to a lucky blog reader. The rest are going to some VIPs who have supported me and helped me get to where I am today in the domain investing world.

If you want to have a chance to win this mask simple shoot me an email at morgan(at) I will take all the emails I get over the next week and randomly select one lucky person to get one of these limited edition masks.

Okay, I have 22 minutes until my first meeting of the day so let’s get to the good stuff. Thanks for reading, here’s to one heck of a year ahead 🚀

The Weekly 3 🗞

  • Liquid domains report: $11M+ in Escrow(.)com domain sales (read it now)

  • .IO a look back at 2020 from sales to complaints (read it now)

Non .COM sales that caught my 👁

  • - $45,000

  • - $12,146

  • - $6,127

  • - $5,555

  • - $5,330

  • - $4,700

  • - $4,384

  • - $4,375

  • - $4,250

  • - $4,000

(Special thanks to NameBio for the awesome sales data)

From the blog 🕺

I hope everyone is having a great start to 2021, thanks for reading and have a great weekend! ☀️