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Hello, happy Thursday, and welcome to the Domain Investing Substack. The photo above was taken from one of my regular bike rides. As my legs are getting stronger by the week I’m pushing myself to conquer bigger and better hills which I can tell you San Francisco has no shortage of!

Earlier this month I wrote an article on Medium (click here to read it) about what I learned about Product during the early days of Sonos. If you end up reading it and like the article, I’d love it if you gave it as many claps as you can. On Medium claps are an important part of the algorithm so the more claps I get, the better chance I have of more people reading my articles in the future!

And of course, there’s something on everyone’s mind today, and that is - Clubhouse.

There has been a lot of buzz in the domain investing world about an influx of new activity on Clubhouse. While Clubhouse has been out since May 2020 they kept the community small to begin with and mostly focused on VCs and celebrities. In January of this year they opened the floodgates to everyone and we’re seeing all kinds of new communities forming.

I personally haven’t had a chance to be involved in many of the domain-related chats on Clubhouse as we’re so busy at Bold Metrics these days I don’t have much free time. The free time I do have to hop on Clubhouse I’m usually in rooms focused on venture capital, SaaS, AI/ML, etc. since this is where my focus is. I encourage anyone on Clubhouse to explore, there’s a lot of incredible conversations going on! (and if you need an invite, just shoot me an email)

It’s also no secret that .CLUB domains have seen a ton of renewed interest and new investors jump in to hopefully cash in on the Clubhouse frenzy. I’ve had a number of people ask me if I’m investing in .CLUB domains and the answer is, nope - still focused on .COM and if I stray outside of .COM I’m pretty focused on .IO. That being said, I’m not saying that .CLUB isn’t going to see lots of great sales and aftermarket activity, we’ll just have to see what happens over time!

Okay, enough from me, let’s get to the good stuff.

The Weekly 3 🗞

  • TLDInvestors —> $28,888 end user sale at of (read it now)

  • —> Has One of the Best Portfolios (read it now)

  • JamesNames —> Brent Oxley Sells in a 6 Figure Financed Deal (read it now)

ccTLD sales that caught my 👁 this week

  • - $84,100

  • - $21,085

  • - $28,888

  • - $12,000

  • - $9,000

  • - $7,009

From my blog 🕺

  • Here’s a weird one. Someone bought a .XYZ domain, then redirected it to a name they don’t own (read it now)

  • Is Clubhouse creating a new market for .CLUB domains? (read it now)

  • It’s going to get a bit more difficult to buy a .AU domain name this year (read it now)

  • Rocket.Chat announces $19M Series A Round (read it now)

  • goes up for sale on Flippa (read it now)

  • raises $41.7M to help us all spend a little more time in nature (read it now)

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  • The world’s first email between two Handshake domains (read it now)

That’s all for now, as always thanks for reading!