Morgan's Weekly Substack - August 23rd 2020

Better late than never right?

So for those keeping score, you might have noticed that my “weekly Substack” hasn’t been published in over a month. The good news here is that it’s not because something terrible happened, instead, we’ve been insanely busy at Bold Metrics and I’ve been working days, nights and weekends.

This is the first weekend where I had a little break in the action and enough time to whip up my “weekly” newsletter here on Substack. As we all know 2020 has been an intense year, I feel incredibly fortune to be as busy as I am and am so proud of our team who is working so hard to get things rocking for our clients around the world.

On the domain-front I had a nice surprise last Monday morning when I sold for $4,500 through DAN. I hand-registered this domain for less than $50 back in March of this year along with a number of other .VC domains. I’ve been bullish on .VC for quite a while now and started buying .VC domains back in late 2019. While it’s still too early to know what kind of liquidity investors will see, the early results are looking good.

I will probably be writing another post about .VC on my blog sometime over the coming weeks, but in case you missed my post from February of this year, you can give it a read here.

Now for the good stuff, below are my posts from last week, no better time to get caught up then now, enjoy!

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I hope you all are doing well and staying safe, until next week!