Morgan's Weekly Substack - 10/8/2020

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Hello, happy Thursday, and welcome to my weekly Substack. This is a super busy time for me at work (Bold Metrics) so I’ll be keeping this pretty short as back-to-back meetings are kicking off in ten minutes!

The photo above is from one of my bike rides around SF, while 2020 has been a tough year with every single trip I had planned canceled, I’ve found these bike rides have been a really wonderful outlet.

This week I wrote a guest post on my friend’s blog about three things startup founders should know before buying domains, you can give it a read here. Okay, now onto this week’s articles, from my blog to your inbox - enjoy! 🕺

🚀 With over $33M in funding, is making big moves in DeFi, and they’re not alone

👌 There are some pretty solid expired .CO names on right now

🦄 Pixel Perfect – Efty’s new marketplace has arrived, and they nailed the UX

💰 Should Domainers share purchase price when discussing domain sales publicly?

💵 NoMatterWhat(.)com – from $360 purchase to $22,999 sale with Logan Flatt

🎲 StartPlaying.Games has become the go-to solution for playing D&D at home

👻 I’m thinking more seriously about moving from WordPress to Ghost

⬇️ Not all one-word .COMs are good investments

🎙 Braden Pollock drops some serious knowledge on two different podcasts this week

As always thanks for reading and stay safe! 😷