Morgan's Weekly Substack - 10/22/2020

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Last weekend I took a hike on Mt Tam, it was beautiful, the sky was clear and it was the warmest I’ve ever felt it up there. We’ve had some absolutely beautiful days in the Bay Area over the last few weeks and I’ve been really enjoying my hiking and biking adventures. Even though I was born and raised here, the beauty of the Bay Area never ceases to amaze me.

In the domain investing world, last week was an exciting one as Go Daddy released their sales data filling the sales board with six-figure sales. (English in Spanish) took the top spot at $400,000 followed by at $125,000. Here’s the full top ten list compliments of DNJournal:

On the non .COM side a .ME actually took the top spot with selling for $50,000. This week GGRG released their liquid domain report which I highly recommend everyone take a look at if you haven’t already, you can check it out here. Below is an overview of the results from Q3:

3L and 4L .COMs still seem like where most of the action is along with 2C and 3C names which are pretty hard to come by as an investor. It’s important to note that when you look at 4L activity the strongest sales numbers come from CHIPs, investors loading up on low-quality 4L names shouldn’t expect to see much of a return unless they really know what they’re doing.

Okay - and with that, let’s get to my blog posts from the last week, enjoy!

As always, thanks for reading and stay safe!