Morgan's Weekly Newsletter - June 28th 2020

A weekly recap from my blog and the world of startups and domain names

Hello, happy Sunday, and welcome to my weekly newsletter! Here’s the latest from the world of domains and startups, and below, my blog posts for the week, enjoy!

Last week some interesting news came out about how much FitBit paid for their domain name, the price, a lot less than you probably thought - $2,000. I first read about this on, you can read the full article here.

Adding to some news from the fitness space, after raising $74M, fitness startup Mirror has acquired While it’s not known what they paid for the domain, like FitBit, the number will probably come out at some point in the future. I first learned about the acquisition on

I’ve talked a lot about the growth of the .AI domain extension in the startup world and last week a record was broken as sold for 95,000 EUR ($106,000 USD). You can read more about the sale on Domain Name Wire.

The top three publicly reported domain sales last week were ($276,077), ($200,915), and You can check-out the full list of domain sales at DNJournal.

My blog posts from last week