Morgan's Weekly Newsletter - June 21st 2020

Your weekly recap from the wild and wonderful world of domain names

First things first - as you may have noticed, my newsletter is hitting your inbox on Sunday rather than Thursday. I realized that I’m just too busy during the week to do much in the world of domain names, running a startup really does take just about every waking minute and I think anything beyond my daily blog post just isn’t realistic these days. That being said, Sunday is a much easier day to sit down, go through the week, and put together this newsletter - so here we are.

Now let’s get to the news - what happened in the domain world this week? Well one of the top stories this week was the rollout of, a brand new email solution from the creators of Basecamp. There has been a lot of buzz about and it’s hard to ignore the creative use of this one-word .COM, and the reality that in the future email addresses could end with rather than

A .MOBI domain sale made the news last week, which is rare, but makes sense in this case, reported the sale of for $2,026 - for reference, the same domain sold for $42,005 in 2007, yowza! Also making waves this week, but in the positive direction was the sale of for $48,500, you can read a deeper dive with the seller on my blog.

Go Daddy also made a big announcement last week - they will begin releasing some of their top sales data, which I can tell you, me and many others have been hoping would happen some day…there are a lot of people who are pretty darn excited about this announcement.

Last but not least, Mike Mann was in the headlines this week as he dropped 50,000 domain names. Yes, that’s a lot of domains, but Mike has a huge portfolio so everything is relative. Still, there’s a lot we can all learn from the names he decided to drop.

Okay, that’s my news recap for the week, now here’s the articles I wrote on my blog: