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Welcome to the Domain Investing Substack by me, Morgan Linton. I’ve been buying, selling, and brokering domain names for thirteen years and blogging about it on

I write a blog post every day but wanted to start a newsletter with exclusive content that you won’t find on my blog. I love writing, it’s one of my true passions in life, and yes - I love writing about domain names and domain investing.

My blog is and always will be free to everyone around the world to read, but for a while now I’ve thought about creating a newsletter with premium content available at a small cost. Then Substack came along and gave me the push I needed to make it happen.

The idea here is to provide a detailed weekly newsletter with data and actionable insights that will hopefully provide some nuggets and inspiration you can’t find anywhere else. From in-depth analysis of recent domain sales to portfolio management tips to outbound sales strategies and monetization ideas, my goal is to make sure that there is something for everyone in each issue. Whether you’re just trying to get started in the domain investing world, or if you’re an existing investor looking to take your business to the next level, this newsletter is for you.

Additionally, every single subscriber will be allowed to share one domain name they would like to sell in the newsletter each week. Prices are good that week only, and no - I won’t take a penny in commission. To keep things reasonable I’ve decided the maximum price a domain can be listed at is $888. This means in many cases you’ll be selling at wholesale to other people like you who buy wholesale. All sales will be securely processed through EPIK Escrow, my go-to for secure domain name transactions.

Domain Investing has changed my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined. From making $137,000 in a single deal to helping some of the startups we all know and love get their name, to making friends around the world that share this common passion, I feel incredible grateful to have stumbled onto domain investing thirteen years ago. Also, as someone who writes a daily blog it’s also safe to say I love writing and sharing ideas. I asked my blog readers and Twitter followers if I should do this Substack and the response was amazing so I decided, let’s make it happen.

So if you’ve been reading my blog (and like it) and are looking for a way to get more content from me, this is how to do it. At $8/month that means you’re paying $2/issue, less than the price of a latte, and of course, if you don’t like it, you can cancel any time.

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